Mesaj de la lideri europeni de Ziua Libertăţii de Exprimare: fără libertatea presei nu există de fapt libertate

Ziua Mondială a Libertăţii de Expresie, cunoscută şi ca Ziua Presei a fost sărbătorită la Bruxelles cu o serie de conferinţe dar şi cu mesaje oficiale ale unor importanţi oficiali europeni.

Redăm mai jos un astfel de mesaj care este important în opinia noastră

„Without press freedom, there is no freedom at all”

The Chair of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights, Elena VALENCIANO (S&D, ES), and the Chair of the EP Culture and Education Committee, Silvia COSTA (S&D, IT), stress the link between access to information and fundamental freedoms on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day:

„In today’s interconnected world,  confronted by increasing number of humanitarian, economic and political crises, free access to information is more important than ever. We are therefore most concerned by the constant erosion of press freedom worldwide.

According to various reports, freedom of the press has now reached its lowest level in 12 years, with setbacks in every region of the world. Only 13% of the world’s population live in countries where the media are considered to be free, while intimidation and physical violence against journalists have been on the rise. In many countries new legislation is being introduced that reduces the space for journalists on security grounds. Measures taken to prevent and fight terrorism are crucial but should not restrict our fundamental freedoms.

The European Parliament remains firmly attached to the principles of freedom of expression and information as a basic element of a democratic and pluralist society.  Considering that the free dissemination of information and ideas is one of the most effective means of promoting understanding and tolerance, the 2016 theme of World Press Freedom Day – Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms – This Is Your Right!  – is most appropriate.

The EU must continue to lead on international efforts to guarantee a press free of harassment and censorship. It must also enhance its support for universal access to independent information across the world as it contributes to exposing human rights violations and to making governments accountable. We must do more to protect those who, on too many occasions, are the only ones to raise their voices to denounce the abuses against the most vulnerable”.

Subcommittee on Human Rights

Committee on Culture and Education

*corespondenţă de la Bruxelles. Stagiu de presă organizat de Reprezentanţa UE în România şi de Freedom House România.





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